January 21-26
Bangalore - India
Paris Nord Villepinte
April 4-8

The simplicity, versatility, null tooling-up time and ease of transfer and coupling of the machine from one to another point in the factory make of the ROSCAMAT models, a range of machines which has become indispensable in the mechanical manufacture, the units having proved to be especially useful for large-sized parts with different planes to be mechanised, as well as for structures and moulds of big dimensions, since it can be transferred with the incorporated table.

Our market has nowadays a world-wide extension, the European Union, Russia. North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), Latin America (Brasil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina), Asia (India, Thailand, Singapur, Malaysia, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa).

We are proud of our innovate work in the tapping and ergonomic sectors where we are contributing with simple and economical solutions leading to an optimum productivity and in short, to higher profits for the users of our product.

More than 18.000 arms have been sold till November 2013 which are the best guarantors of the flawless design, quality, versatility and profitability of our product and secure for us our position as the outstanding leaders of our speciality in the world-wide market.

New designs and projects are rising on our horizon which will enable is to offer profitable solutions to our customers and to still farther collaborate with progress.

USA, Turkey, Sudámerica, Reino Unido, Portugal, Italia, Holanda, Francia, España, Belgium, Alemania, ...,
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