Quality Policy

The Senior Management of Tecnospiro Machine Tool, S.L.U., agrees to promote and uphold the following:

Fulfilling the needs of our customers

All the actions and activities carried out by the company’s staff must be oriented towards this essential mission, even anticipating new needs not yet demanded or defined by the market.

Relationship with customers

Our customers are the core of our entire activity. Our relationship with customers must be based on the principles of rigour, professionalism and ethics.

Product quality

Items manufactured by the company must meet all the specifications offered, requested by the customer and required by the applicable regulations, from the first phase of the process to final packaging and delivery.

Purchasing and suppliers

We must monitor our suppliers to ensure the same levels of quality and service in our collaboration with them as we expect of our own processes.

Staff training

This should focus on covering all the real needs of the company in all its functional areas: Management, Production, Administration, Sales, Technical Office, contributing to the personal and professional development of all.

Organizational and production system

This must respond to the above objectives. We are required to master and consolidate our current processes and to focus on their continuous improvement.

Design, innovation and continuous improvement

The company establishes constant innovation and continuous improvement as strategic objectives in order to maintain our competitive advantage.

Internal communication

Timely and comprehensive communication of information at all levels to guarantee correct coordination and alignment with the objectives set.

Occupational safety and the environment

The company must safeguard the protection and safety of all the people that comprise it and also the environment where its activities are carried out, in compliance with current legislation.

ISO 9001 Certification

Guarantee compliance with the procedures established in the company’s quality management system in order to obtain external recognition, and in particular, from our customers and suppliers.

Strategy and objectives

Our strategy is based on achieving a global presence and continued growth through the leadership of our products and permanent innovation.