Roscamat 200

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Roscamat 200; Capacity M2-M14 (M16)

This machine consists of a pendular parallelogram that is balanced by a pneumatic spring, plus a radial arm. The gas spring and radial arm assembly fixes the motor head and keeps it perpendicular to the working area. The motor is equipped with a quick-change system and is rotated by compressed air that has previously been filtered and lubricated by a unit for that purpose. Taps and shank tooling fit to the motor’s quick-change system by means of tapholders.


The ROSCAMAT 200 can be equipped with any motor TSVII. Each of them has a different speed, and also a different thread capacity.


Motor TS-VIIMax. speed
Max. torque
Coupling diametreMax. thread
Steel <100 Kg
Max. thread
202A010035030Ø 19M14M16
202B010075017Ø 19M10M12

Roscamat 200 VH

The ROSCAMAT 200 can be supplied with an articulated head. This bracket of easy handling can be set in four different positions 90º apart.

Working Area

Roscamat 200: Radius: 935 mm / High: 530 + 130 mm

Roscamat 200 VH: Radius: 1020 mm / High: 530 + 130 mm

Quick-change toolholder

A wide range of tapholders, all of them with clutch and without it, apart from other quick holding fixtures for different tools, such as drills, sinking tools, threading dies, socket wrenches, etc are available. · Toolholder with safety clutch: (so that it slips when it reaches the hole bottom) Type-1 Ø 19 capacity range M2-M16 · Toolholder without clutch: (for holding different tools with a cylindrical shank and driving cube) Type-1 Ø 19 capacity range M2-M16