Roscamat Shark

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Capacity M3-M36 (M42)

The machine is formed by a tilting arm being by means of a pneumatic spring, said arm being fitted through an intermediary union to a radial arm being revolvable around 360º. The assembly is secured to the workbench by means of a base plate being provided with a post clearing the whole table area. The motor head finds itself at the end of the tilting arm and is apt to always move at right angles with respect to its working area. The motor speed, the tool automatic lubrication and the depth control can be adjusted by means of a display placed on the cover of the electronic board case.


The working height of the machine can be increased by 160 mm. in order to thus be in a position to work at different heights.

Electric motor

High Frequency Electric motor. Power 1,5 Kw. Single phase (220V or 110). Motor supply voltage: 200-240 V. 50/60 Hz. Less speed: 40 rpm – Highest speed: 900 rpm.

SHARK VH - swivelling head

The ROSCAMAT SHARK-VH-(Vertical and horizontal,4×90º)  includes a manual articulated head that allows the engine to be positioned in four positions at 90º threading vertically and horizontally

Working Area

Roscamat shark : Radius: 1130 mm Height: 670 mm

Roscamat shark VH : Radius : 1295 mm Height: 670 mm

Quick-change toolholder

A wide range of tapholders, all of them with or without clutch, apart from other quick holding fixture for different tools, such as drills, sinking tools, threading dies, socket wrenches, etc. are available. Tapholder with safety clutch so that it slips when it reaches the hole bottom. Type 1 Ø19 mm: capacity range M2-M16 (for modules 900, 500, 320) Type 2 Ø31 mm: capacity range M6-M30 (for modules 140 & 75) Type 3 Ø48 mm: capacity range M14-M42 (for module 40)Tapholder without safety clutch for holding different tools with cylindrical shank and driving cube. Type 1 Ø19 mm: capacity range M2-M16 (for modules 900, 500, 320) Type 2 Ø31 mm: capacity range M6-M30 (for modules 140 & 75) Type 3 Ø48 mm: capacity range M14-M42 (for module 40)

Modular System

The modular system is apt to be fitted to the electronic motor and consists of a 6 quick-change planetary speed reducers giving 6 different speeds and torques. The speed can be thus adapted to every thread type.
Module Max. Speed (rpm) Max. Torque (Nm) Coupling Diameter Max. Thread Aluminium Cast Irons Max Thread Steel .
40 40 340 Ø 48 M42 – 1 1/2” M36 – 1 ¼”
75 75 185 Ø 31 M33 – 1 ¼” M27 – 1”
140 140 95 Ø 31 M27 – 1” M22 – 7/8”
320 310 44 Ø 19 M20 – ¾” M16 – 9/16”
500 480 28 Ø 19 M16 – 9/16” M12 – 7/16”
900 900 15 Ø 19 M10 – 3/8” M8 – ;5/16”

Automatic Tap Lubrication

Inside the radial arm the cutting oil reservoir is located. This is used for lubricating the tool during the tapping operation. The lubrication time according to the metric size to be done is adjusted by means of one of the upper head buttons.

Depth control

By means of an internal system, the machine controls the vertical arm position (Axe Z) in mm. so that you can control at which desired depth you wish to tap.

Thread Counter

The machine has a screen in the radial arm that  counts the total number of threads made and the partial count every time the machine is turned on.